Let Us Put The Wow Factor Back In Your Bed!

Our accomplished carpenters and specialists can eliminate the creaking and sagging in your bed frame, repair any breaks, or customize your dreamy rest nest, so you can sleep in peace and tranquility in no time!

We will customize to meet your exact requests in any color, any fabric you desire!

Bed Frame Repairs by AHM Furniture That You Can Trust:

  • Broken or Split Bed Slats

  • Collapsed, Cracked, or Fractured Bed Frames

  • Squeaky Bed Springs

  • Broken Poster Bed Posts

  • Bunk Bed Ladders

  • Headboards Or Footboards
  • Scratched or Gouged Side Rails

We Can Repair Your Metal Bed Frames

If your metal bed frame is cracked or broken, that doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. We can weld your metal frame together and give it a fresh coat of paint, helping your bed frame last for years to come

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Quality upholstery repair for many different types of fabric.

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AHM Furniture will repair even your bed frames.

Bed Frame Repair

Furniture Professionals Trust Us For Quality

When the professionals at Ashley Homestore Furniture, The Dump, Luxe Furniture Outlet, Gallery Furniture, and Star Furniture need expert repairs, they call us with confidence because they know they can trust us!

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