Furniture Repair Services

Here at AHM Furniture, we repair every piece of furniture with the utmost care, restoring its beauty and durability with quality craftsmanship. Our dedication to outstanding service has made us one of the most trusted furniture repair and restoration companies in Houston.

Depend on us for quality furniture repairs.

We've won a loyal following by providing seamless repairs for all of the furniture in your home: sofas, chairs, occasional tables, even pull tables, beds, pianos, and more.

Save time. And save your back, too.

95% of all furniture repairs can be done in the convenience of your own home. Nicks, scratches, scuffs, and stains can often be fixed while you wait. For more comprehensive repairs, we'll pick up your furniture and deliver it back to you in like-new condition. You'll not lift a finger!

Enjoy that showroom look again, for less.

Repairing your leather, upholstered, or wood furniture saves money over paying to replace it. It's the smart choice.

Call AHM Furniture today, and enjoy your furniture for years to come!

  • antique furniture repair/restoration
  • leather furniture repair
  • wood furniture repair/refinishing
  • furniture upholstery (reupholster/repadding-stuffing sofas and chairs)
  • piano repair
  • recliner repair
  • bed frame repair
Antique Chair

This is what we do, and do well...

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