Professional Furniture Repair and Re-upholstery

Craftsmanship and Superior Quality

The quality of our team’s work comes from creating with passion, care and attention to detail.

We live in a world where nearly everything is disposable. Where, yes, you can buy cheap furniture to replace quality heirloom pieces, but why would you want to do that? Your memories and precious furnishings are not disposable. They’re a part of your home, your family and your heritage.

We Have A Team Of Experts That Are Excited To Work With You!

Our entire staff works hard to earn your trust and we get so excited when you see your repaired furniture for the first time. Whether you are a mom trying to save money on quality furnishings or an avid antique collector with a timeless furniture piece, we treat everyone with the utmost respect.

Replacing furniture can be costly, but when you have a good structure to work with it’s often a better option than substituting it with lower quality furnishings. Our talented craftsman at AHM Furniture Service can repair and restore your old furnishings and give your pieces a new life.

Our customized commercial maintenance programs are built to suit your business. Do not get caught sending the wrong message to your customers with torn and ripped seating and damaged furnishings, let AHM Furniture Service help instill customer confidence so that you may enjoy repeat business!


We are proficient in all facets of furniture repair and restoration. In nearly a decade of serving our customers home and commercial furnishing needs, we have established a reputation for the finest standards and premiere customer service.

Excited Clients

Fact: 90% of furniture that gets thrown out is repairable

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Families depend on AHM Furniture Service to repair home furnishings, antiques, recliners, beautiful wood furniture, bed frames, and even reupholster outdated pieces to better fit their new lifestyle. Repair your furnishings with confidence. NO ONE compares to the expertly trained craftsmanship and customer service of AHM Furniture Service. The difference is in the finest details.