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Did someone turn on the heater?! It wasn’t us… but as you try not to melt from the Texas heat, REMEMBER AHM is HERE to SERVE YOU! So when your cushions fall flat, floral prints dry up, or if your favorite chair is on its last leg… get it?? Last leg? Feel free to visit us at our Jersey Village showroom, in NW Houston, and let AHM make YOUR furniture NEW again!

School’s out for SUMMER!!!

AHM’s STAR PUPIL this Spring is none other than Mr. Jesus Rojas!

A budding leader, Mr. Rojas CONTINUES to get business done. He often takes the time to teach others and embodies an ambition that radiates throughout our In-Home Service team.  Jesus Rojas has earned a reputation as a team member who goes ABOVE and BEYOND for AHM and our customers.

He always brings positive energy, and our guests have taken notice. Jesus is family focused, and overall, a superior team player! Thank you, Jesus, for all your hard work and continued commitment to service. We appreciate you!!

Spring Training

Each year, AHM Furniture Service brings together ALL of our team to cross-train, review policies and practices, share new techniques and trades, and celebrate how far we’ve come! In late April, we did it again! We understand the value of fine tuning our skill set… AHM’s investment in our team is passed along to our customers! By polishing our skills through a gauntlet of specialized workstations and clinics, we are preparing our team to better serve our customers! This year, AHM total employees reached an entire NEW level. In 2 years, AHM has grown from just under 40 employees, to an incredibly impressive 86 team members throughout the greater United States! Our team is invited into homes from Washington State to the Carolinas. From the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico to the Windy City… AHM is NO LONGER servicing only the Gulf Coast.

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AHM has gone commercial! No, Silly. Not ‘As seen on TV’ Commercial… But YES… Radio
commercial… Locally heard on ESPN 97.5 and 92.5 FM, AHM’s message is being broadcast throughout the greater Houston area on the market’s ONLY FM Sports talk station!

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Speaking of commercials, AHM’s Commercial team has help boost AHM’s business to business sales EXPONENTIALLY! Now, performing as a 20% revenue generator!  Do you know a business in need of a furniture makeover?

Flooded with NEW WORK!

Transformations aren’t new to AHM Furniture Service. In fact, it’s just ONE of our favorite parts of the job! 2017 was a year MOST Houstonians won’t ever forget. Hurricane Harvey wreaked HAVOC along the Texas Gulf Coast, leaving in its path 53 inches of rain in only one weekend.  That’s one HECK of a hurricane party!

As a result, MUCH of Southeast Texas experienced devastating flood damage. This heritage piece was submerged under water for TEN DAYS, before it was eventually shuffled into the garage, later brushed aside and nearly forgotten for the next four years. By the time it was delivered to our shop, the wood was all but completely ruined. The machine rusted… but its potential and the historical family value? Priceless. Besides, we’re up for a good challenge! After presenting this little project to the AHM team, the wood was repaired, then refinished, the frame cleaned, primed and painted, and the original sewing machine cleaned and prepped to look as good as it did in its prime…

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Summertime Designs

We get it, Texas is HOT! After mowing the lawn and watering the plants, you DESERVE a nice place to sit down and rest! Don’t fret, just because that patio chair creaks when you sit… it’s not you it’s your chair! Look around. That weather worn patio and porch furniture can be refreshed! Looking for the hottest patio trends? Look no further! We have styles that are guaranteed to leave your backyard looking spicy and AHM’s very own trend setter, Brittany, is here to help!

Lemons Are In!

Well, ALL fruits are in! THIS Summer’s hottest styles are RIPE with vibrant color and bold taste. Larger prints loaded with attention-stealing shapes, like cute fruits, are not only fun, but they’re notorious for grabbing the eyes of your favorite guests during family get-togethers, backyard bar-b-ques, and social gatherings. So GO BIG and stay home! After all, your reputation is on the line!
Not sure if all this flashy fun is right for you? If it’s not your style, that’s okay too! Go with more neutral tones like earthy browns, blacks, and whites. Then, throw in a solid flare of Gold to cut through the monochrome and modernize your style. It’s SIMPLE, and a creative touch that will make your home look like it belongs in the pages of your favorite magazine.

Summer Kick Off 

Summer’s Official unofficial kick-off is upon us! On behalf of our ENTIRE team at AHM Furniture Service, we hope that you and your families enjoyed a safe Memorial Day Weekend as we ALL remember the soldiers and families who bravely fought and sacrificed for our country and liberties. You are NOT forgotten.