Furniture Damage Moving Claims

Furniture restoration after moving occurs more than you think. You trust your belongings to the moving company, and then the unfortunate accident happens and your furniture is in need of repair. Our repair specialists at AHM can fix scrapes, scratches or torn upholstery and repair or replace broken parts so your piece looks and functions as it did before, or even better!

Experts in Claim Resolution

AHM completely understands the valuation and insurance limits of transit-related damage. You can be assured our furniture repairs and workmanship is unmatched in our industry.

Damaged antiques or family heirloom? We will provide unbiased resolutions for both local moving companies and individuals, in a timely and professional manner. You or your moving company can provide us with a list of damaged items, then we will assess and provide an in depth inspection to determine how and when the damage occurred.

Our moving claims process includes:

  • Identifying the damage due from moving, unpacking, or pre-existing damage
  • Detailed reports of assessment submitted to the appropriate parties

We have repaired claim related damage from woodwork and upholstery to piano repairs. AHM is fully equipped to handle all of your transit claims professionally on-site, or we’ll provide pick up and delivery.

Contact AHM Furniture Service to get your moving claims processed quickly!

Fact: 90% of furniture that gets thrown out is repairable

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