Furniture Cleaning Services

Has your furniture suffered stains, spills, or accidents?

Our upholstery cleaning service gently removes old stains and eliminates odors, restoring your furniture to its full beauty – fast.

Make it gorgeous again with professional furniture cleaning.

Cleaning and protecting your furniture is better for your family's health, too. We carefully clean away dust, debris, and allergens that have accumulated over the years, so your whole family can breathe easier.

We'll protect your furniture every day.

We can apply top-of-the-line protective products to help defend your furniture against tomorrow's spills, stains, and dirt. While no product is guaranteed to prevent all stains, it's simply the best way to ensure the long life and lasting beauty of your furniture.

Leather upholstery cleaning and refinishing available.

If your leather furniture has lost its showroom-fresh luster, call us. We'll remove scuffs and stains from ink, wine, or pets. Then we'll buff, color and polish your leather upholstery to make it look new again. Plus, we can do this all conveniently in your home. There's no mess or waiting – just that like-new look you deserve.

Get it cleaned right. Call AHM Furniture today.

Don't let those stains ruin your furniture. Let our professional cleaning technicians bring back the beauty!

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