What is wood furniture veneer, and can it be repaired?

Wood furniture veneer is a thin layer of beautiful wood grain glued tightly to wood that has different properties. Very fine dining tables and cabinetry are constructed with wood veneers. They can be repaired, and the patina of the adjacent wood will be matched by our craftsmen using an assortment of custom blended colors and […]

Will my furniture be too shiny after I have it refinished?

We quote each item to be refinished to the original color and sheen. 95% of furniture today is finished with a satin sheen. Satin is recommended as it is the most practical for everyday use. Unless specified otherwise, your piece will be restored using pre-catalyzed furniture grade lacquer with UV protectant to ensure the color […]

What if my piece is missing hardware?

We’ve got you covered. If you are looking to replace missing hardware, we can replicate original hardware, or you can purchase new hardware in shop.

Do you work with glass?

Yes, we can replace both flat and curved glass in your items. We can also install glass tops for newly refinished items before delivering them home. Please ask for details.

Do you have to fully refinish every item?

No. We do partial restorations daily (tops only, doors only, etc.) In many cases, we can restore them by using a less extensive process called a finish renewal. This process is great for pieces that don’t need complete restoration…just a “freshening up”.

Do you have samples of completed work?

Yes, our sprawling 10,000sq. ft facility is filled with items coming and going each day. Call for an appointment to see examples of completed items. You can also visit our Instagram and Facebook pages that are routinely updated with completed projects.

What process is used to strip my furniture?

We use different methods in the shop based on the current state and construction of your furniture. One method is using a paste-based stripper that will release the existing finish allowing our team to preserve thin veneers that may have been used during construction. The other method is using our commercial stripping facility. This process […]